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Firebox® X Edge security appliances deliver powerful network protection for small businesses and remote/branch offices. Used as a stand-alone integrated security appliance or VPN endpoint solution, the Firebox X Edge offers stateful firewall, VPN, and URL filtering, plus advanced networking and traffic management capabilities to maximise network configurability. An intuitive, Web-based user interface provides quick, out-of-the-box device configuration, while WatchGuard® System Manager allows for streamlined centralised management for multi-box environments.

Firebox® X Edge e-Series

The Firebox X Edge e-Series is our latest addition to the Firebox X family of network security products. Completely model upgradeable and available in both wired and wireless versions, the new Firebox X Edge e-Series appliances provide a fully integrated network security solution for your small business customers or for your customers who need to protect their remote/branch offices, with 50 or fewer internal users. Offering advanced networking capabilities, increased performance, and centrally managed security functionality; Edge is ideal as a stand-alone security solution or as a VPN endpoint for a secure connection to a Firebox® X Core" or Peak" Unified Threat Management appliance.

" Firebox X10e
" Firebox X20e
" Firebox X55e

" Firebox X10e Wireless
" Firebox X20e Wireless
" Firebox X55e Wireless

Order the new e-Series line of products through any WatchGuard Authorised Distributor.

Intuitive Management for Ease-of-Use

All Firebox X Edge appliances are managed through an intuitive Web-based user interface for streamlined deployment and simplified management, with smart, out-of-the-box defaults, and easy-to-read logs.

Scalable for Your Growing Business

As your network grows, you can easily extend protection to new users by upgrading into any higher model without having to replace your customers existing hardware investment.

Industry-Leading Technical Support

Every WatchGuard® product is backed by our LiveSecurity® Service, the most comprehensive technical support offered in the industry.

Reduced Network Downtime

Firebox X Edge offers multi-WAN configuration, enabling failover from one WAN port to another in case the primary connection fails.

Comprehensive Networking Capabilities

Whether your customers have one IP address or multiple IP addresses, 1:1 NAT Dynamic NAT and PAT provide port forwarding and IP address assignation allowing administrators to better manage their network connections.

Easy Management and Prioritisation of Network Traffic

With Configurable Quality of Service (QoS) features, administrators can manage network performance, while managing services such as VoIP.

Wireless Guest Services without Compromising Security

Your customers can provide controlled Internet access to guests without compromising their own networks security by using the integrated 802.11 b/g wireless access point on.