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The following diagram identifies the major segments and processes involved in creating and maintianing a sucessfull and healthy client base.

This diagram demonstrates the proccess of  identifying, attracting, engaging and retaining your cutomers.

PROCESS: Analysis
  • What goods or services have you identified as the goods and services you will be offering to the market?
  • Who will you target with the specific goods or services?
Setup your catalogs  (goods/services), and webforms used to collect data about your clients.

PROCESS: Marketing
  • You need to start to tinking about how you will go attracting your target market?
Design your site, choose from over 10,000 web templates adjust the design accordingliy. Structure an approach and presentation of the information your wish to make known.

PROCESS: Selling
Then engage your market with your marketing campaign engaging and activating your clients to create a buzz for your brand.

Create your marketing campaign and target your identified market segments. Market information on specific goods and services directed to specific clients in your database, which now is growing on-line.

PROCESS: Servicing
Maintain your site keep it upto date, and your clients informed. Present your ideas, services or products in new and in an ever changing and dynamic way!

Our CMS will give you access to all aspects of your site. Our dynamic help menues update as you workalong helping you to create and maintain your website content live, with no previous coding experience!