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Save money and get your web hosting, content management, customer relationship management, email marketing, and online shopping needs from one provider.

This diagram demonstrates the relationship between the CSM and CRM models.

Manage all aspects of your website with ease. Publish your press releases, create forms and navigational menus with a point and click approach. Content can be easily edited using What You See is What You Get online editor (WYSIWYG).

Users without HTML experience can quickly create a web page and ensure that it meets your corporate standards. Once content has been saved (and reviewed/approved, if necessary) they will be published to the live web site.

You can no longer afford not to automate your business on the Internet if you want to prosper. Now is the time to be assertive and automate your business online. Now when your Customers visit your Web Site, you can communicate with them, capture their information and build a 360 degree profiled view of their interactions. Close integration between Web Content and Customer behaviour transforms relationships with your Customers to increase revenues and shorten sales cycles.

Your customer loyalty can now be increased with a consistent, more personalised approach to customer interactions. You can now capture Customer information once and build a base for future sales. Every time your Customer returns you have a record of their communication. You can see what they have subscribed to and what marketing information you have sent them. You capture their questions and requests for information and more.

With an integrated customer relationship management system, you grow your customer database as they enquire, subscribe to an email newsletter or purchase products.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools available today, and one that your company can use to build stronger relationships with your customers. Email marketing allows you to cultivate loyalty in a customer base, providing them with a great value proposition for your products and services - increasing traffic to your website and strengthening sales potential.

Unlike most email marketing solutions that enable you to send one-off email newsletters to your customer base, this solution allows you to do much more simply because of the overall product offering. The possibilities are greater and can have a significant impact on your bottom-line.

Right now one-off email newsletter campaigns would make up the bulk of your email marketing activities. Ongoing loyalty-based campaigns are another form of email marketing ignored by most players. These types of campaigns will not only compliment one-off email broadcasts but put a very different slant on how you can use email marketing to build relationships that translate into dollars for your business.

Email marketing has never been easier. Communicate with customers on their birthdays or on specific dates. Readership tracking measures marketing effectiveness.

Powerful Workflow features allow you to easily manage the creation, approval and review of content. Your organisation can establish processes and procedures which provide a framework for better content management.

Workflows are business processes that are applied to your web pages and other content types. Workflows can be configured to notify you on any changes to your web content. These changes then need to be approved by one or more people before those changes can be published on your web site.

Workflows enrich your website, enchancing online customer service and staff reaction productivity. Workflows enable you to receive real-time alerts via email or SMS as customers enquire on your website to ensure exceptional service, or if responce time lapse beyong present thresholds.

Sell online with e-commerce and online shopping functionality. Combined with opportunity management and forecasting tools turn online browser into repeat buyers.

Catalogues and Products provide powerful and customisable e-commerce functionality for your website. Our E-commerce features are different from other providers due to the seamless integration with the backend CRM engine. This service provides you with a truly 360 degree of view of your customers including their previous purchasing history. Having such information at your fingertips enables you to conduct up-sell and cross-sell marketing campaigns.

In simple terms the process of using catalogues and products is:

  • Create your Catalogue
  • Create your Products and add to your Catalogue
  • Using the 1-Click functionality, add your Catalogue to your web pages
The e-commerce functionality including the shopping cart and checkout process are completely customisable.
  • Payment gateways are already created for you. (Paypal etc...)
  • Your website will automatically create an order, invoice and email a copy to your customers.
  • You have the option to launch a workflow process that can notify the relevant parties within your business so the order can be actioned quickly

The real-time customisable reports allow you to produce hardcopies of all the activities and transactions which occured at any given period of time.

Content Reports provide an insight into Content-related information. It is critical that you understand how your Content is being used by your Web Site visitors. Careful monitoring of content will help you to tailor it to suit your audience. Watch out for content that is not being viewed. Careful use of Reporting statistics can help to test audiences.

The online live Dashboard, is another analytical tool which provides insight into how customers use your website, where the knowledge gaps are and how to maximise sales and address any outstanding or pending situation.

The dashboard will help you transform your web presence into a customer-focused, revenue generating vehicle with less stress, minimum financial outlay and no experience required. The dashboard is the gateway to the entire Content Management System. It allows you to quickly get started, while also providing access to the latest statistics about system usage, customer growth and much more.