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Strategies to...

Generate New Leads

Generate more of those quality leads and give yourself a greater chance of closing the deal.

Amplify your Voice

Sell Stuff Online

Build your Community

Be a Customer Service Guru

Be in Control

Have your Finger on the Pulse

Build Customer Loyalty

Syndicate and Share

First: Go Grassroots

Your current customers are your greatest asset. Capitalise on their good will by giving them the tools to interact with one another and grow your community.

Second: Use Google and Yahoo to Generate Leads

Millions of leads are searching for you right now. Help them find you on key search engines, then track and measure to improve your conversion rates.

Third: Grow your Sales Network

Get others to help you to find leads by developing an attractive affiliate program. Your affiliates can collect great commissions whenever they refer.

Fourth: React in Real-Time

A potential customer submits an online enquiry - this instantly captures their details in your customer database so they can be notified immediately.