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Think about how you found us? You probably found us on the web. We use our own proprietary web design methodology and online marketing techniques to gain top search engine rankings, Cost-per-Click results and, ultimately, convert sales leads in to happy clients!

Every day, more of your customers are using the Internet to buy, sell and communicate. We can show you how the Internet can extend the reach of your business.

We provide the key building blocks to bring your business to the web.

  • Web Design - How many potential customers are searching for products and services like yours? You'd be surprised! Recent research indicates that in less than a second, your prospective customers will view your website and decide whether or not they believe you a credible entity.

We work with businesses in a variety of vertical markets to develop an online sales channel. Our experience includes professional service providers, e-businesses, local, regional, national and international businesses.

While we have the skills to develop highly animated and flashy sites, our real focus is on building a relationship between you and your clients. We design sites that will connect you with your customer by creating an appropriate marketing environment to match your company's personality. And, we help you create written and visual content that develops confidence in your site visitors.

  • Online Marketing - Once your business presence is online we can help you identify and pre-qualify prospects for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. We begin by listening to you, so that we can learn about your customers. Then we research your customer behaviour by reviewing search data at the major search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo!.

  • Search Engines - Once we understand how your prospective customers search, we know how to position your site in front of them. That's when the heavy lifting begins -- search engine optimisation and submission, directory submission, link popularity development and some other proprietary techniques that we've developed. Online marketing is partially art and partially science.

The search engines are continually updating their algorithms. However, by applying a broad, methodical approach you can gain top positioning on the major search engines.

  • Hosting Services - Growing your business on the Internet doesn't mean that you need expensive servers and your own hosting facility. We utilises world-class hosting facilities. That means you can have state of the art facilities and service that fits the budget of a growing business.