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We focus on providing customers with cost-effective and customer driven Business I.T. Solutions specifically in network security, web application development / design, multimedia development, domain registration and hosting services, infrastructure support and maintenance.

Our consulting exposure has culminated in designing, implementing and managing projects which have included one or more of the following components:

  • Project Management
  • Business Relocations
  • Biometric
    • Time & Attendance
    • Access Control
  • Cabling / Design Services
    • Data
    • Fibre
    • Telephone
    • Security
    • Surveillance
    • Electrical
  • I.T. / Business Infrastructure
    • Redundant operational systems
    • Back-up power & Power filtration systems
    • Data backup systems & integration
    • Domain, File & Data Servers
    • Workstations
    • Secure Virtual Private Networks
    • Mobile Workforces
    • Data Encryption
    • Network / Systems Monitoring
    • Data, Telephone & Access Audits
    • Staff Training
    • Unlimited Support & Maintenance Agreements
  • Programming
    • Custom application Development
    • Database Development
    • Web Development

We focus on the integration of technology which delivers an operational advantage and exploit this advantage to drive down costs through boosting productivity. Our goal is always to integrate technology which is practical and innovative, which improves and benefits your operations while maintaining consistency, reliability and functionality, and which is easy to understand, operate and maintain.

We provide the ideas, the service, the support and the maintenance in a package with the solution which drives you to your results faster and more efficiently.

This manifests in solutions, as an amalgamation of technology, methodology, and support services. Our solutions take into account your business and realise that success is measured by:

  • functionality
  • usability
  • reliability
  • stability and finally
  • return on investment

More than ever your company needs to become increasingly agile, productive and focused in order to achieve a competitive advantage or maintain a defensible market position. IT is critical to meet those objectives, thus today, businesses must allocate resources more cost effectively to drive revenue and increase the bottom line.

A growing number of businesses outsource to help achieve both productivity and competitive goals by delivering much more measurable results than just relying on a specific someone within your company. We have years of experience in the majority of industries, from hospitality to manufacturing.

We assist our clients in the delivery of their technology integration projects with resources and subject matter, expertise support and maintenance.

The benefits include a better understanding of your company's Workflows, application of knowledge to streamline the work process, elimination of redundancy, and cost effectively improved operations that justify your ROI.