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BioScan® Security
BioScan® T & A

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BioScan® Security

A world class Biometric solution for Physical Access

BioScan Security is the first biometric that was designed specifically for Physical Access Control & Security.

Utilising the latest Radio Frequency / Ultrasonic biometric technology, BioScan ® can monitor, control access, audit use and prevent unauthorised or fraudulent entry to any room, building or IT network eliminating the ongoing cost of security cards and their reissuing.

The first biometric product to offer *** Featuring Template Auto-Tuning *** – The ability of BioScan® to discard poor finger templates and replace them with better template images from users over time without the need for users to re-enrol their finger templates.

BioScan® Security can be installed as a stand alone system or networked using BioNet® or BioAccess® , our Integrated Access Management System software, which allows sharing of a common database with centrally controlled access privileges.

BioScan® only requires a user to be enrolled only once at any BioScan® unit to then gain access to other units at any location in the system. Access privileges, Time Zone control, File Protection and General Management can be administered centrally or locally.

BioScan® features the latest scanning technology incorporating algorithms that allows the sensor to read beyond the surface to the live layer of skin where the real fingerprint resides. Dryness, calluses, water, oil or dirt are not a problem as patented sensor technology utilising RF (Radio Frequency) assures that an accurate fingerprint image is acquired.

BioScan® allows seamless integration to existing alarm and security systems via Weigand supported protocol.

The BioScan Security offers the following benefits:

  • Fully Standalone or Networked via Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Supports external Bar Code reader for Job Costing
  • Programmable keys for Security Management tasking
  • Optional Prox, Mifare, Smart Card Reader Internally
  • Large LCD including backlighting
  • Backlit Keypad
  • Multi I/O Capable of  thousands of devices via our Optional Multi I/O Board
  • RS-232, RS-485, and Digital I/O Support
  • Weigand Support In and Out & flexible configuration via on screen menu
  • Utilises Radio Frequency Scanning Technology
  • Records and saves 21,500 transactions
  • 1000 Standard memory templates and up to 64,000 Templates optionally
  • 1:1 & 1:N Matching modes
  • Enrolment time on average <5 seconds
  • Verification time <1 sec